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About Us

e3 Naturals is dedicated to providing an alternative to commercially produced products. We believe we can all coexist in a world that is sustainable and ethical and we believe that e3 products are aligned to this global consciousness movement.  By listening to our valued customers in the wellness industry and testimonials from end users, we have developed products that provide comfort and relief.

In 2012 Craig and Carla Hellemond had the opportunity to cross paths with a pioneer in the Canadian emu business community.  They met and mentored with Edie Stutter who had been raising these amazing birds on her Alberta farm since 1992.  Craig and Carla were educated about the breeding of emus including the hatching of emu chicks, husbandry, social habits and the nutritional needs of these birds and then implemented those key learnings on their bio secure farm on Vancouver Island.

 Emu birds produce oils that contain anti-inflammatory properties – Edie led the way of best developing methods to ethically harvest the oils through her research work with industry consultants, Regal Research Labs, the NRC at Red Deer College and the University of Alberta resulting in the creation of emu oil products that are well known for their overall healing properties.

With that transfer of knowledge Carla Hellemond studied, researched and experimented over a twelve month period how the oil from emu birds could be integrated into a line of natural wellness products and so, e3 Naturals was born.   A company built on the foundation of promoting health, wellness and quality of life.  Today, Carla continues to grow her research regarding natural wellness products as part of expanding the scope and direction of e3 Naturals. 

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e3 Naturals

All natural skin care products made from 100% pure Canadian emu oil, the best in sensitive skin therapy.
e3 Emu Oil is produced under very stringently controlled conditions, starting with the egg, our quality controls don't just begin with the oil processing.
We offer the highest quality and consistent oil available in the industry.

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