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Amazing Product! " Comfort Plus " is a lifesaver !
It has proved to be a well rounded universal staple in our family of 5! I use it for sore over worked " angry" muscle stress after rigorous exercise and interval training , and I get immediate relief ! My husband gets really stressed neck and shoulder pain from sitting at his desk for 12 hours a day hunched over his monitor , he massages it in after a long day and has great results and a restful sleep before starting all over the next day . My 3 children are growing like weeds and sometimes have " excruciating " leg pains , the comfort plus is a wonderful gift to aid in their immediate relief.

This will forever be a staple in our household , I highly recommend buying it for yourself or someone you know and love , what a great gift !
Thank You e3 !
Posted By: Danielle Wilson
White Rock, BC
I recently tried the orange pomegranate night cream and I have to say it is the best moisturizer I have ever used. I didn't have any expectations when I first used it, and within the first week I could see and feel a difference in my skin. The lines under my eyes have all but disappeared and my skin looks and feels so much healthier. I honestly see a difference with this, and I have not had these results with any other cream, lotion, or treatment I have tried, and I have tried several. I highly recommend this and I will be buying more!
Posted By: Kathrine Henn
Victoria, BC
I was introduced to e3 products by a friend who suggested I use the soap for dry skin especially in the winter.
I have used two of the soaps - Rosemary and lavender - and really like them – the lather is lovely and makes my skin feel soft and not dry as with some other soaps – they also smell nice and fresh. I would highly recommend them to anyone with dry skin.
Posted By: Beverly
Brampton, Ontario
Someone gave me a bottle of e3 shampoo to help with a dry itchy scalp. It really helped fix that problem, good lather, smells nice and my hair looks and feels shiny.
As soon as that bottle is done, I will order more through the e3 website.
Posted By: Sandra
Guelph, Ontario
I was sent a few samples of e3 shampoo to try on some of my clients who have psoriasis on their scalp. The results were so good that I decided to look into the properties of the shampoo. I found out that emu oil has anti-inflammatory properties which explains the results we were getting. I intend to order more from the website.
Posted By: Maria
Hairdresser, Toronto, Ontario
Just wanted to say that I am happy that you have continued on as a company. Your emu oil has made a tremendous difference on my skin and I won't go a day without it.... been that way for years.

Thank you!
Posted By: Jenessa Stobbs
Surrey, BC
My 9 year old golden retriever swims daily in the summer time, and has his whole life. Ocean, rivers, lakes, anything he can get into. However during the last 4 years he has developed moist eczema and hot spots from being wet, especially on his belly, but has occurred all over.

I don’t want to deny him the joy of swimming and it’s a great way to beat the heat. The first few years I took him to the vet where his troublesome spots were shaved and he was given a steroid cream and an oral antibiotic. I thought this would clear it up but the condition returned after a few months. I wanted to find a more natural solution, fearing the harm that the medication may do to him over time, not to mention how scruffy he looked with all the shaved spots.

I tried the E3 Naturals Emu Oil on the scaly spots and immediately the scales and flaking disappeared. I reapplied the oil as I noticed scaling and flaking, about every 24 hours for about a week. In addition, I applied the Medicated Pet Cream. The spots seemed to be less irritated and the scales diminished after about 10-15 days. The hair began to reappear on the spots in a few weeks. I also love the shampoo which is gentle enough to use on him and seems to have a calming, healing effect on his skin.

I now use these products as soon as I see any flare ups and this has kept his condition at bay since! Definitely more affordable than regular trips to the vet!
Posted By: Denise Johnson & “Barren”
Cowichan Bay, BC
I was introduced to e3 Naturals Comfort Plus cream and Pure Emu Oil to deal with joint inflammation and sciatica.

Speaking from my personal experience only, Comfort Plus penetrates the skin well and provides a short lasting pain relief with a slight tingling of the skin. The real effect happens later, after several applications when inflammation is clearly suppressed, allowing a deeper healing to take place. The light camphor scent evaporates within a few minutes. The non-scented Pure Emu Oil knocks inflammation down. It takes a little while to show effects, when it does, it really shows.

I would recommend both products for use as an inflammation remedy and for blunt trauma, such as sports injuries, bruises. For short term relief I use Comfort Plus, for long term I use Pure Emu Oil.
Posted By: Matt Leeward
Duncan BC
Emu Oil helps me survive. I experience severe cramping in my wrists and knees as a result of my job in the forest industry.

Daily application of emu oil helps loosen up the joints and increases my mobility, also providing me with vital pain relief.
Posted By: Dan Campbell
Port Alberni BC
I’ve suffered years of irritation with an ezcema that occurs on my hands, continual exposure to severe cold and wet jobsite conditions does not help. I’ve been prescribed corticosteroids and many other medicated creams over the years. None provided a permanent solution.

I began using e3 Emuderm about 6 months ago and today, for the first time in 10 years, my hands are clear of any irritation whatsoever.
Posted By: Al Gott
You Bou BC

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