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LOVE the rosemary/mint shampoo. It smells fantastic and leaves my hair so shiny and soft, with very little needed. The price is great, and I even like it better than the Aveda I usually buy in that scent! The lip balm is also divine, and I love the body lotion. It makes my skin so soft and lasts through several hand washes. Love me some E3 Naturals!"
Posted By: Tara May
Nanaimo BC
I started experiencing an allergic reactions to lip products this winter. I've tried them all looking for one that would work for me, from expensive department stores to drugstore brands I always had a reaction.

I have to say that the E3 Naturals lip balm is the only one I've used where I haven't experienced any reaction at all! It's very moisturizing, soothing and lasts a long time without repeat applications. I love the raspberry scent too.

Thank you for a great product!
Posted By: R. Gervais
Nanoose Bay BC
I've been battling my baby boy's cradle cap for 10 months now, basically since he was born. I've tried baby oil, olive oil, etc...all which would help slough it off for a day or two but it would always come back since those oils have no medicinal properties that would actually heal the problem.

I tried the pure emu oil from your product line and only one application almost completely healed the cradle cap. It's nice because the oil is very light, absorbs easily & odor free - it's a miracle in a bottle and I'm so happy to finally be rid of this skin issue!
Posted By: S. Campbell
Parksville BC
Hi my name is Stephanie. I have problems with my heels. They get severely cracked and bleed which makes walking very uncomfortable. My friend gave me a container of the Emu Oil foot salve. It is fantastic. I put it on after my shower and usually once more during the day. It has a wonderful smell and cooling effect on my feet. It’s truly helped moisturize and heal the cracks in my feet. I’ve been using it for about 2 months now. I’ve also tried the pure emu oil which is fantastic to rub in just before bed and put some cotton socks on. It gives an extra hydration. I’ve tried lots of products but the Emu Oil seems to do the trick for me. My heels are in good shape now and I continue to use the Emu products as a maintenance program. I would recommend it for anyone who wants to heal a problem with their feet or just them a treat.
Posted By: Stephanie Roy
British Columbia
So only two applications healed Teddy’s cradle cap. I didn’t expect such immediate results! I bath the boys together and that’s where I did Teddy’s treatments. Johnny has keratosis pilaris, hard little bumps on the back of his arms. It’s a very common thing & genetic (Sean has them). My doctor noticed them on one of his checkups, her husband & one of her kids has them but since is genetic there’s not much you can do. Exfoliating doesn’t work & I had some body butter that was sort of working but haven’t applied it lately because it’s really hard, thick stuff that isn’t easy to apply to a squirmy three year old. I noticed Johnny’s arms were smoother recently. I realized the emu oil was in his bath from Teddy so I applied it directly to his arms. It’s been one application but they’re almost gone! A huge difference and easy to apply on a moving target.

Anyways, about half the population has keratosis pilaris so it’s a very common thing. People who have it hate it. I did research on getting rid of it when I first found out what it was but there’s not much you can do. Not sure if you mention in any marketing that emu oil helps with it but it does!
I didn’t realize my little family had so many skin issues but I guess we do.
Posted By: Rachelle Gervais
British Columbia
I received Comfort Plus along with a bottle of Emu Oil as a gift from a friend recently and I was asked to use it as a joint pain reliever. After using it for two weeks I believe it’s as good as some of the other over the counter creams I’ve tried for moderate pain relief and it does work really well. As a sidenote, my nose started breaking out again and I used the Emu Oil on it for a couple of days and it settled down real quick.
Posted By: Sandy Rutsch

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