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What's so special about Emu Oil?


For centuries, the indigenous people of Australia, have used Emu Oil for a variety of skin and muscle conditions. Traditionally, aboriginal people would massage Emu Oil into the skin to promote healing of sun-dried skin, burns and wounds.

Modern day testing of Emu Oil reveals a unique fatty acid composition, including Omega 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids (EFA's), which can be readily absorbed through the skin barrier.

Topical application of Emu Oil will moisturize the skin while providing the body with elements known to produce an anti-inflammatory action to assist in the healing of skin and muscle conditions.

E3 Emu Oil is produced under very stringently, controlled conditions, starting with the egg, our quality controls don't just begin with the oil processing. We offer the highest quality and consistent oil available in the industry. Unique processing methods ensure that the natural healing and anti-inflammatory ability of the Emu Oil is retained while producing a safe and stable product.

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Carla Hellemond


Born and raised on Vancouver Island Carla’s personal quest for health and wellness spawned the creation of e3 Naturals. Her extensive research and analysis of natural oils and holistic healing are reflected in the natural, safe products produced in the e3 laboratory located on beautiful Vancouver Island. As an owner of e3 she is responsible for product development and quality control and you will find her in the lab on a daily basis creating and testing products. On the personal side, Carla is an avid yogi, she is also the mother of two growing boys and likes to spend quality time with her family enjoying the beautiful west coast outdoors.

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