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e3 Head Office: Where All The Magic Happens

All of our products are hand made here in our state of the art production facility. Diligent attention to detail, using only the highest quality ingredients, e3 Naturals continues to offer all-natural, premium skincare products that will enrich your life. Therapy for sensitive skin.

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Craig Hellemond

Chief Operations Officer

Born in Ontario and transplanted to the West Coast at a young age, Craig founded Rogue Wave Glassworks – trained at Salem College in New Jersey as a scientific glassblower he spent the last 20 years as a glassblowing artist. Craig transferred the skills and knowledge from that business to e3 Naturals in the production and sale of unique products geared towards wellness. On a daily basis he oversees the big picture at e3 Naturals, and dedicates his efforts towards growing and expanding the business. Over the last decade he has enjoyed the lifestyle on the farm with his family - part of his healthy lifestyle includes martial arts, single malt whiskey and the bbq. 


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