Furry Friends

Carla Hellemond



We LOVE our dog Jack! 7 years ago we brought home our border collie cross pup. He was the cutest little black and white fluff ball! Jack is the ultimate hiking companion, and he does a great job protecting our home. He is an integral part of our e3 family.

We feed Jack a high quality food mix, often with homemade broth, and he is always happy to receive meat scraps. We were worried about many of the healthcare pet products available, so e3 Naturals decided to develop a pet line.

Many pet products available today can pose a serious health risk for your beloved pet.

The NRDC suggests staying away from specific brands as a result of their "high hazard" ingredients. Chemicals in these shampoos are very dangerous (particularly to felines) and have been connected to growth, asthma, hypersensitivities and can disturb hormones.

What to keep an eye out for: Active ingredients permethrin and piperonyl butoxide (PBO) are "conceivable cancer-causing agents," which means scientists say there's solid probability they cause tumors and can have a deadly effect on neurodevelopment. There are pet shampoos available, made from organic ingredients and safe preservatives, which will help safely keep your pet clean.

Pets — we adore them like family, however let's be honest: they don’t always smell fresh! A high quality pet spray can help to make your pet smell better the next time they curl up with you on the couch. Pet sprays may also contain other beneficial ingredients, such as emu oil, helping to create a luxurious coat and mitigating dandruff.

If you spend time outdoors with your pet, you might consider carrying a medicated pet balm. Coming in a small but powerful package, a pet balm can provide instant pain relief and help reduce infections from cuts or scrapes.

As pets age, just like us humans, they are more susceptible to joint pain caused by inflammation. Young pets may strain or overexert muscles, older pets often suffer from arthritis. Large animals, such as horses, are very likely to experience arthritis in their life time. A medicated cream can be used to help provide relief, utilizing beneficial ingredients like emu oil, MSM, and Arnica (known for their pain relief qualities).

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