Pillar Candle Care

The Art of: “Hugging your Candle”
And more tips for burning your Pillars successfully
Most Pillar candles require some maintenance to continue to burn properly. The art of “hugging” or “cradling” your candle, keeps the pillar flat topped and burning evenly. A little care will make your pillar last longer.

Once your Pillar candle has been extinguished, while the wax is still warm enough to work with (not hot), place the pillar on a flat, level surface, and “hug” the warm wax around the top and sidewalls gently inward with your hands. Hugging inwards as evenly as possible. Use a “turn and hug” method as you work your way around the pillar. Starting at one point on the side top of candle and rotate the candle, pressing in evenly as you rotate. The point of this procedure is to make the sides of the candle slightly taller than the melt pool of the candle. This helps the pillar burn more efficiently and for a longer burn time by bringing the outer shell closer to the wick which will melt into the wax burn pool during the next burn. The more wax that burns, the longer the burn time for your pillar.


More tips before lighting your candle

- Please make sure the wick is trimmed to ¼” before lighting.
- Place in a draft free zone for even burning and away from children, pets or anything that could be a potential fire hazard.
- Please make sure the pillar has been placed on a flat surface, in a large enough container that is fire resistant. Do not use an open plate to burn the pillar. The container should be large enough to hold all of the wax.
- Pillars need to be maintained while burning, never leave them burning unattended. Perform a “controlled burn” for the first few hours of burning the candle. A “controlled burn” method: Burn the pillar for an hour at a time and let the wax cool solidly between burns, repeat two more times.
- Please remember that wax will follow gravity, if it happens to burn towards an edge, stop the burn and let it cool completely. Option, cut the top off to make a flat topped candle and start again.
- Soy wax is soft, unlike paraffin or beeswax. Please have patience while burning your candle and know that you are burning an environmentally friendly candle. Not toxins here! Enjoy your experience.